Saturday, December 10, 2011

Get Rich Click by Marc Ostrofsky

Genre: Non-Fiction/How to guide
Pages: Hard Cover
Rating: 6 JAGS
Get Rich Click by Marc Ostrofsky is a guide and nothing else. Marc offers information to navigate online to teach you how to make money using the internet.  Simple to use and explained in plain English, Get Rich Click helps make clear all the jargon associated with making money on the web.
What you will not find in these pages is a practical “1…2…3 step by step” guide to help you set up an online presence to make money. Instead, Marc Ostrofsky instructs you in the basics and directs you in a general way towards web based opportunities that are available.
Informative resource for anyone who has a basic understanding of computers and the internet, but falls short in actual “How to” in any clear way to actually make money. The stories or studies of people who succeeded with making money on the internet are vague and general.  As with any business venture, hard work and determination will help you succeed.
Great book if you want an introduction to making money with the internet. For more of an in-depth, or step by step guide, I suggest looking somewhere else.  

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Altar of Bones by Philip Carter

Little was to be desired while reading this book. Long, drawn out, overly detailed, Altar of Bones left little for the imagination in what is defined as a “real page turner”. New York bestselling author Greg Iles, reviews Altar of Bones as; “Dan Brown meets Robert Ludlum…Gripping, incredibly fast-paced.” Did he even read this book? It was more like Dan Brown meets Jackie Collins, meets dime-store harlequin romance novels.
A priceless artifact from early Russian history allies two strangers across the globe in a race against evil forces and a conspiracy to large for anyone hero. 645 pages of a drawn out game of cat and mouse, Altar of Bones has 200 pages of needles detail. Any further description of this story would read the few chances this book will get picked up.
Fortunately, did not spend $9.99 US dollars, so I have at least something positive to say about this book. Philip Carter is a pseudonym for an internationally renowned author who should stick to penning novels under his own name, because at least here he can still sell books by name recognition.