Friday, April 6, 2012

Ninety Days by Bill Clegg

Genre: Non-Fiction

Published By: Little Brown, Company

Pages: Soft Cover

Ratings: 5 JAGS

Depressingly good! Bill Clegg revisits his struggle as a recovering addict in this sequel to his best-selling novel, Portrait of an Addict as aYoung Man. The story begins where Addict left off, raw, emotional and a poignant climb to redemption of personal journey to stay clean and sober for 90 days. 

Clegg continues with his paragraph prose and invites the reader on a ride exploring the faults of personal recovery and how a simple 90 days can turn into a life time of hardship and regret. In this story, Bill befriends allies in a series of meetings and ultimately finds the strength to beat relapsing not from the differences of addictions, but the simple truth that he will always be an addict struggling to stay clean. 

Dark and heart-wrenching, Ninety Days is a triumphant tale of rediscovery and strength of how Bill Clegg managed to beat the siren call of a crack pipe and regain footing with just one day at a time.
Personal favorite as oppose to his earlier work, I would still not purchase new. Instead, wait for a copy at your local resale bookstore. The $25 you would use to purchase this work could easily be used to buy a bag of books from a resale shop and still walk away excited about this read.

A definite quick read, worth the 5 bucks if you wait for it at your local yard sale, resale bookstore or Kindle it for the price savings.  


  1. Another crack attack, spiraling down into black, put it all in a book, "hey world, take a look," it's been done, nothing new under the son, the one constant song, "where did I go wrong?"

    This is how you are made low, openly admitting you did blow, you tripled that mistake, jotting down every cankering detail for our sake, get some pride, keep it to yourself, a book like yours belongs on nobody's shelf.

    Chris Roberts

  2. It would be a lie Chris if I said I didn't enjoy reading your comment...