Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Jerusalem Inception by Avraham Azrieli

Genre: Historical Fiction
Published by:  Creative Space
Pages:  Paper Back
Rating:  8 JAGS

The Jerusalem Inception is a one punch knock-out. The year is 1967 and tension is boiling over, not only between the sovereign Jewish state and its neighboring  Arab countries, but within Israel’s borders as well, as the Six Day War is about to ignite.  
Elie Weiss, Ultra Orthodox Rabbi Abraham Gester and Mossad Agent Tanya Galinski are survivors of the Holocaust and Israel’s only hope at defeating its enemies and halt the infighting between the Jewish populace and their governing body. The memories of 6 million Jews perishing by the hands of Nazi Germany is still fresh in their mind, even after all these years, as the three of them vow to stop at nothing to ensure a Jewish victory.
The Jerusalem Inception rocks the fiction thrill ride genre with a fresh perspective on the Jewish plight years after World War II, and gives a page by page account of love, betrayal and the manipulation used with detailed characters that bare their pain and turn it into purpose. This is must read for any action junkie looking for a book that will satisfy. Buy! Buy! Buy! I cannot stress this enough. Avraham Azrieli rival Ludlum and Le Carre in this action pack series.

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