Thursday, June 13, 2013

Shorn: Toys to Men by Dennis Milam Bensie

Genre: Memoir

Published by: Coffee Town Press

Pages: Paper Back

Rating: 5 JAGS

What are the moments in our lives that shape our identity? When does simple childhood curiosity turn into a full blown adult obsession? Author Dennis Milam Bensie explores the recess of his memory and takes the reader on a gritty journey into the depths of his pain at being an outcast as a child, a troubled teen that refuses to allow anyone cut his hair, and ultimately into an adult that buys gay hustlers to simply fulfill a hair fetish.

Dennis Milam Benise pulls back the curtain to expose a need for acceptance from not only his adoptive parents, but from friends, lovers and ultimately himself. In the world of professional costume wig design, Dennis moves from city to city as he navigates control over his demons, all the while trying to find some redemption in the back of gay magazines and sporadic therapy sessions.

Initially the start of this book was confusing and heart-wrenching at the same time. The self-deprecating internal monologue adds nothing to the overall story, and continuously reminds you of the raw pain Dennis MilamBenisie has experienced. I couldn’t quite understand if this memoir was a story of redemption, or fodder to justify internal pain.

I strongly recommend this book. Read this memoir to not only witness the struggles of a man continuously dealing with the pain of his childhood, but as a figurative mirror to reflect how what day to day actions in our lives can and will do to ourselves, and those around us.

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