Monday, March 3, 2014

Incognito by Andrea Raynor

Genre: Autobiogrphy

Pages: Soft cover 

Publisher: Simon & Schuster 

Reviewer: Virginia Armstrong 

Jags: 5 

Incognito is the biography of Andrea Raynors personal journey during her days at Harvard Divinity School. Finding the campus to be more than what she expected, Andrea is thrust into a world of diversity in cultures and lifestyles. What she discovers is a world she could have never imagined, especially at such a reputable institution.

Andrea's first experiences range from openly gay students on campus, to Geishas and even preop transsexuals that unfolds into colorful moments in her life. She introduces you to the men that meant the most to her, and the ones she left behind. She also includes all the stories of the homeless she strives to help, champion individuals that would otherwise be swept under the rug. 

During this time, Andrea's convictions strengthen in God, believing she is on the the path that The Lord has chosen for her. She shares all the intimate moments when she felt closest to God, as well as the times she heard Him speak to her without words, reassuring and comforting her in her desicions. 

Incognito was a fast moving story, starting in Andrea's home state of Ohio, and ending in Cambridge. She details her life and relationships, but never really gets to meat of the story, which ultimately takes away from the personalities of the people she interacted with. Couldn't help but feel unfullfilled. 

The Jag Review has received a free copy of this book from Howard Books, for our honest review. The opinions expressed here are our own.

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