Monday, May 5, 2014

The Beer Drinker's Guide to God by William B. Miller

Genre: Essays

Pages: Soft Cover

Publisher: Howard Books

Jags: 6

Pop a top, or twist off the cap of a cold one and take a sip, because Father William Miller, a priest at St. Michaels and All Episcopal Church in Kauai, Hawaii, takes you on a laugh out loud journey about God and libations. 

In this humorous and somewhat pointed conversation about religion, beer, and most importantly, God, Father Miller introduces to what he believes is a sound argument to enjoy one of the greatest gifts from the Lord; alcohol. He puts together beautiful and insightful reflections as his explorations into his faith take him to deep conversations with Trappist Monks, to a one-week Celtic pilgrimage across the Emerald Isle, a stoning from some Palestinian teenage boys, right up to his current position as a Priest/bar-owner in Marfa, Texas. Father Miller explains the importance of spiritual generosity and sacrifice, with a shot of tequila. 

The Beer Drinker’s Guide to God is the perfect beer drinking companion to not only Christians, but to anyone who enjoys a cold one after a Sunday service. A toast to the marvel of The Lord. 

The Jag Review has received a free copy of this book from Howard Books, for our honest review. The opinions expressed here are our own. 

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