Thursday, March 2, 2017

Revival by Stephen King

Genre: Horror

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

Reviewer: Jag


Cliche as it sounds when reviewing any novels by Stephen King, the two words most commonly used, “Classic King” should, at this point be inducted into the lexicon of language. Classic King best describes the theme of most of King’s work, and Revival is no exception.

This is a story about a young boy named Jamie Morton and the new young preacher of Harlow, Maine. What seems like a neighborly visit from the Preacher and his family, sets Jamie and Reverend Charles Jacobs down a path that unfolds over decades.

After a terrible accident that leaves the Reverend Jacobs questioning his faith in God, the Preacher leaves Harlow and Jamie thinks that is that last he will ever see of Charles Jacobs.

Jamie’s interest in the guitar leads him down a path of drug addiction that spans three decades, and his off chance meetings with the Preacher seem more than just coincidences. Fate seems to have a hand in their shared destiny, and with that, a Revival both men do not see coming. A shared secret so deep, it could destroy them both.

Revival is exactly what you can expect from King when you pick up one of his novels. He is a master of storytelling. He can weave the most chilling and compelling story from almost any obscurity, and still, keep you at the edge of your seat. Like almost all Stephen King novels, you are over faster than you realize and are secretly wishing you had at least one more chapter to read.

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