Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tigers in Red Weather by Liza Klaussmann

Genre:  Fiction

Published by:  Little,Brown and Company

Pages:  Hard Cover

Rating:  7 JAGS 

The Second World War is finally over and so is the waiting that Nick and her cousin Helena have, to marry to their husbands. Both young women have lived their respective lives sheltered in the small enclosure of Martha’s Vineyard in the grand estate of Tiger House. Nick is waiting for her husband to return from the war, while Helena is preparing to move to the glamorous west coast to be with her fiance who rubs elbows with the glitter of Hollywood. What they dream of in a married life is far from what the reality of it is, and the truths that will unfold. 

Time takes both women on different paths, both riddled with compromise and guilt as they try to live up to the expectations of their husbands, children and ultimately their own ideals. During the summers, Nick and Helena’s families join together to share a memory of what life was like, and the evils that are made by selfishness, deceit and deep-seeded resentment for one another-including murder.

Liza Klaussmann’s Tigers in Red Weather explores east coast summers, martini parties and island living during a time when the world was on the path of healing and life was as delicious as an oyster. Told from 5 points of view, Tigers in Red Weather is the true art of story-telling.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. This is a definite purchase new. Instead of giving as a gift, give as a loaner and make sure you get it back.

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