Thursday, July 12, 2012

What in God's Name by Simon Rich

Genre:  Fiction

Published by:  LittleBrown & Company

Pages:  Hard Cover

Rating:  2 JAGS

What in God’s Name by Simon Rich is not your typical biblical story. Craig and Eliza are angels working on the 17th floor of the Miracles Department of Heaven Inc, charged with the task of simple everyday miracles. God is busy playing golf games and watching Indie 500 races while tuning into his prophet Raoul on the flat screen TV in his office for quick positive feedback-all while taking in the occasional cigar and planning his Asian infusion restaurant on Heaven’s Inc campus.

One day, God decides he is bored with Earth and the human race and figures it’s long overdue for rapture. Craig and Eliza on the other hand feel completely different and challenge God to a bet that they can answer one prayer and make two social inept people fall in love, as long as God doesn’t bring Armageddon onto his people.  The race is on for Craig and Eliza to bring the humans Sam and Laura together to not only save the humans, earth, but their positions in Heaven’s Inc.

What in God’s Name is perfect in title, because What inGod’s Name was the publisher thinking when he decided to sign on to this book. It was horrendous. It wasn’t funny, intellectual, nor either cheeky. The only thing remotely funny about this book, was been dumb enough to read it. I wouldn’t pawn this off to anyone, let alone keep in the bathroom for toilet reading. Pass this book completely when you see it on the shelf of your local bookstore, unless there is a divine intervention. Even then, go the route of Jonah and run like hell before YOU get swallowed up by a whale.

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