Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ghost Dances proving up on the great plains by Josh Garrett-Davis

Genre:  Fiction

Published by:  Little,Brown and Company

Pages:  Hard Cover

Rating:  7 JAGS

Ghost Dances proving up on the Great Plains speak volumes from the narrative of a young man coming of age in the richness of history and vast emptiness of the prairie. Josh Garrett-Davis takes the reader on an exploration of the rise and fall of the Great Plains from the eyes of a child-looking for an identity through stories of bison, Native American Ghost Dances and the lure of heavy metal rock bands. His quest to find answers in the plains marks a journey that will defend his character.

This was an interesting read. Josh Garrett-Davis put out a story of incredible detail and heart. You could not help but imagine sitting right next to him as he rode down long stretches of highway through a vast emptiness. I would recommend this book for a new purchase. The story is relaxing and thought out in a way to make you feel like you are part of the conversation.  Perfect pick up and purchase. Really enjoyed.

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