Friday, August 31, 2012

Summerland by Elin Hilderband

Genre:  Fiction
Published by:  Little Brown & Company
Pages:  Paper Back
Rating:  3 JAGS

In Summerland by Elin Hilderband, it’s June 15th and in the sleepy town of Nantucket, MA, students gather on the beach for the traditional graduation celebration bonfire. Penny Alistair, the home-town celebrity who is revered for her singing voice, is involved in a tragic car accident that leaves Penny dead and her brother in a coma.
Penny’s boyfriend Jake and friend Demeter, walk away from the accident unharmed, but are left to deal with the emotional turmoil that wrecks not only them, but the community at large.  Questions arise as to what happened before Penny took the wheel that ended her life, as Jake and Demeter each take different paths to deal with their pain.  
Overall, the story was slow moving, predictable and most importantly, forgettable. Elin Hilderband's Summerland explores how a tragic accident can bring closure to a community and how the people most affected by the death of Penny, deal with survivors guilt and a surprising love that seems to flourish from the pain. I would personally wait to purchase this book. Check your local resale shop for a discounted copy.

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