Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blood Ties by Gina Whitney

Genre: Fiction

Pages: Paper

Publisher: Arbor Books

Reviewer: Virginia Armstrong


The Valois’ and the Bolingbroke’s, at war for eons, have been in a watchful lull the past twenty-one years, waiting for the awakening to occur.

Unaware of her family history, Grace Valois is going through a time of change and it’s beginning to worry her.  Never one to fit into any crowd, she has never felt normal.  At least, not the normal she perceived in others.  But this?  This was too much.  First, it was the nightmares.  Then, the hallucinations started.  Now, her body seemed to be changing in very strange ways.

After a vicious attack on campus, one that she just happened to dream about, her life goes into a tailspin as secrets from her family’s past begin to unfold.  Not only is her best friend, Julie, a shape shifter, Grace herself is a witch. And not just any witch, mind you.  She is the witch that must save the world from the Bolingbrokes and the evil plan they have hatched.

Gathering with her clan to prepare for the long awaited battle, Grace meets James, who has sworn upon her birth to protect her with his life.  Upon meeting him, her feelings are swift and immediate and she just knows she has found her soul mate. There’s just one problem. James is a Bolingbroke. Now, as she prepares to engage in the battle of her life, she must decide if she can trust him with not only with her heart, but with her life and the lives of everyone else.

Blood Ties was by far the best book I’ve read this summer.  Gina Whitney grabs her readers attention with her on-target descriptions of characters and locations, putting you right there on the scene.  The writing style, character portrayal and interesting dialogue kept me coming back for more.  I say pick up a copy today!

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