Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Someone Always Loved You by Brooke Williams

Genre: Fiction
Pages: Paper
Reviewer: Virginia Armstrong
For Jordan James, it all began with the phone call.  It was from the hospital.  She needed to get there A.S.A.P.  Her husband, whom she loved dearly, had suffered a heart attack.   It was imperative that she get there before it was too late.  She had to tell him…
For Jay, it began on his first day on the job as an EMT.  He had been driving the ambulance.  Saving lives, he’d thought proudly as he glanced over his shoulder at the patient.  Just a mere few seconds had passed in that glance.  And in that brief frame of time, a tragedy occurred, impacting his life far greater than he ever could have imagined.
By the time he turned back, it was already too late.  Ambulance collided with pedestrian and Jay could do nothing to prevent it.  From that point on, Jay and Jordan would never be the same again.  As Jordan lay in a coma, Jay stays at her side, agonizing over his guilt and unable to carry on with his life.   Both reflect on their past lives, the good and the bad.  What was and what should have been. It isn’t until Jordan finally wakes from her coma that all the pieces of their lives come together and they find where they truly belong.
Someone Always Loved You is a poignant story of a mother and son separated by adoption only to be reunited after a life-threatening tragedy. The story speaks of sadness, joy, hope and forgiveness as they each search for that missing piece within each of them. The story was well written.  A few times, the author switched points of view which I found frustrating. As for the characters, I found them to be a little too perfect, but likable. All in all, I thought the storyline was touching and worth the read.

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