Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier

Pages: Hard Cover

Publisher: Grove Press

Reviewer: Courtney Van Dyke

Frazier’s Cold Mountain tells the tale of Inman, a Confederate soldier who refuses to die, despite the massive injury he endures during his fighting in the Civil War.  Inman has enough of all the fighting and war, so he abandons the Southern Army and sets off on a long dangerous trip back to North Carolina to reunite with Ada, his love.  

While Inman is fighting in the war, Ada finds herself out of food and money. This makes it necessary to keep her recently inherited farm afloat, however difficult it will be. Thankfully Ruby comes to her rescue and the two work vigorously together.

This book is the poster child for the saying “Absence makes the heart grow fonder”.  Separated for years they never seem to lose sight of each other.

While I am not a history buff, I did enjoy the way the author took me back in time to the Civil War era. The story was well written and described the scenery so well that I felt like I was there.  It was a bit hard to get into though, being that Frazier wrote the book as it would have been wrote during the Civil War, making the wording something to get used to.

It also took me a while to relate with the characters, which made the first half of the book less enjoyable.  That being said, by the end I was emotionally attached to all of the characters, and rooting for their success.

This is a fabulous novel, based on a true story, which gives such great insight into the lives of those living through the mid 1800’s

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