Friday, October 4, 2013

Not Even the Sky is the Limit by Denise Zarrella

Genre: Children’s Book

Pages: Hard Cover


Not Even the Sky is the Limit by Denise Zarrella is a colorful picture book featuring children with Down Syndrome doing everyday activities like; Playing, Dancing, Baking Brownies, Horseback riding, working on the computer, and even walking the dog. Author Denise Zarrella’s powerful journey showing the world that individuals with Down syndrome can lead productive and well-adjusted lives, is a glowing example of a mothers love.

Inspired by her daughter who was born with Down syndrome, Not Even the Sky is the Limit, is a simple but powerful insight to the world of people with disabilities and how their lives are just like everybody else’s. The beautiful pictures and colorful design will catch the eye of any child, and would make for a great book for a parent to share, introducing their child to the world of reading.

Proceeds from each sale are donated to organizations that improve the lives of people who live with Down syndrome.

Photography by: David Uschold

Graphic Design: David Kiehl

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