Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dry Ice by Bill Evans and Marianna Jameson

Genre:  Fiction

Published by:  ForgeBooks

Pages:  Paper Back

Rating:  4 JAGS

The Dry Ice review or red flag about this read should have been the reviews by ABC’s Good Morning America Anchor George Stephanopoulos and GMA’s TV Weather Editor Sam Champion-not to mention Bill Cosby and Regis Philbin that should have made me, the reader, refrain from purchasing new. 

Engrossing?!  No!

Compelling Reading?! No!

Terrifying?! If by terrifying you mean my mind would wander to something scarier, than yes. Terrifying as a paper cut.

Deep in the Antarctica frozen wasteland lays a weather monitoring installation known as TESLA. The brain child of Dr. Greg Simpson, TESLA is a fully functioning global weather station bankrolled by an equally large global agricultural conglomerate that can control the weather. Dry Ice opens with the sudden removal of Dr. Simpson because of recent rouge weather patterns created by Dr. Simpson for the U.S. Intelligence agencies.

Tess Beauchamp, up and coming Climatology scientist and rival of Dr. Greg Simpson, is pegged to replace him as head of TESLA, but Dr. Simpson will not give up control of a weapon of such scale.  Simpson triggers a planetary Armageddon in retaliation, and it is up to the brilliance of Tess to stop the global genocide that Dr. Simpson has initiated.

Purchase Used! Good quick read, but definitely not worth the $9.99 to purchase new. See if you could get someone to buy it as a gift.

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