Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Sex Lives of Cannibals by J. Maarten Troost

Genre: Non-Fiction

Published by: Broadway Books / Random House

Pages: Hard Cover

Rating: 3 JAGS

Wordy! First recommendation is to have a pocket-size dictionary available when you are about to jump into this book. I will admit, I would like to pride myself on a large vocabulary, but even I made several reference pauses to look up certain words in J. Maarten Troost’s Sex Lives of Cannibals.

This comical true story of Troost’s 2 year sabbatical on the island nation of Kiribab in the South Pacific is entertaining in parts, and predictable in others. After graduating with his degree and endless temp jobs, Troost decides to join his girlfriend who was recently hired to be the director for the Foundation for the Peoples of South Pacific-Kirbati Office, for an adventure even he could have never imagined. 

Expecting an island paradise of fruity drinks with umbrellas and women clad in bikinis, the real life hard-ships of 3rd world living shakes awake the 2 year life Troost hadn’t anticipated.  From a brief tangle of sharks, lack of palatable food options for a spoiled US citizen, and not to forget to mention smoking marijuana with the local residents
In short, The Sex Lives of Cannibals is an educated version of National Lampoons vacation series. Would not waste more than second hand price, for a second hand read….yawn! Lastly, if you are interested in reading a constant reminder of someone’s global resume over and over again, this would be the read for you.

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