Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sherlock’s Logic by William Neblett

Genre: Non-Fiction

Pages: Hard Cover

Rating: 4 JAGS

If A =B and B=C, then A has to equal C. Better Put, if Jan likes Pepsi, and Pepsi is Soda, then Jan has to like Soda.  William Neblett’s Sherlock’s Logic is a simple and brief introduction to the deductive reasoning behind Sherlock Holmes master detective skill. One part story of the Great-Great Grandson of the Mater Sleuth Sherlock Holmes, Holmes the III and his trusted friend Dr. John Watkins solve a present day crime of murder and intrigue.

The second part of the book, William Neblett breaks down the story and the logical process of deduction by illustrating the various forms of reasoning, correct and fallacious, deductive and inductive, while demonstrating how logic is present in everyday living.
The story is marginal at best, paling in comparison to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle detective series. Interesting read if you are curious how the thought process of one of literature's greatest characters. Quick read, but long and drawn out during the second half of the tutorial.