Friday, September 20, 2013

Finding Pride by Jill Sanders

Genre: Romance

Pages: Paper

Publisher: CreateSpace

Reviewer: Courtney Van Dyke

Megan Kimble is fresh out of a mentally and physically abusive relationship with her ex-husband, Derek.  Add to that losing her brother, the only family she had since becoming an orphan as a young child. Megan travels to Pride, Oregon for her brother’s funeral. 
After much debating she decides to stay in town to find herself. Her new neighbors the Jordan’s befriend her immediately, helping her adjust to life in their small town, and mourning the loss of her brother. Megan finds herself lusting over Todd Jordan, but is not ready, yet, to commit to a relationship.
Todd Jordan is a man who once lost everything. His wife and unborn baby had died a few years ago. He is instantly smitten with Megan, but needs to be patient for her to let her guard down.  After vowing to protect her forever, Todd’s promise is put to the ultimate test.

Finding Pride is a good story with strong characters; the actual writing of the story however is anything but. Personally, I felt like I was reading a rough draft. There were multiple grammar and punctuation mistakes, making it hard to read. The author over used the same describing words, and often switched perspectives without any warning to the reader. I also feel like there are many parts missing from this book, leaving the reader questioning why and how things are happening. The book did not allow me to visualize the setting, or the characters as well as I would have liked, making it difficult to fully get into it. With some simple editing, and proper grammar, this book would have been a much better read. It was after all a great, just poorly wrote, story of personal growth, love, and family.
If this is a book you decide to purchase, I would highly recommend buying it used.

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