Friday, September 20, 2013

Founders by James Wesley Rawles

Founders by James Wesley Rawles

Genre: Fiction

Pages: Paper

Publisher: Pocket Books

Reviewer: Virginia Armstrong

With America’s financial collapse, the entire infrastructure and the American way of life is fast becoming a distant memory. Founders is a fictional reality that threatens to be real in today’s day and age. No longer can anything be taken for granted, as store shelves lay bare and most businesses are closing their doors.  Forget doctors, forget petroleum, if you can find any luxury, will it cost you. Gasoline is now $25 dollars a gallon.
As the government disappears, a false government run by the U.N. takes over, out for power and control of the people.  No one is safe from there evil ways and deceptive practices as they try to take over one city at a time.
In come the Christian soldiers, scattered across America, ready and willing to fight for the life that they had known. Most have been preparing for this apocalyptic catastrophe for some time, others winging it with the knowledge and skills that they have.  Together, they are able to take down the bad guys with hopes of restoring America to its previous ways.
Founders is you typical Christian apocalyptic thriller, where only the faithful can overcome the obstacles faced in this type of situation.  The book skipped from different characters, locations and timelines that it made it truly difficult to keep the timing straight.  The men portrayed were kindly Christians who suddenly were able to pick up a gun and shoot to kill without batting an eye or an ounce of remorse.  The story lacked credibility due to the fact it never mentions the government nor politicians and the role that they play.  It appears as if they just vanish before the story even starts.  More than anything, the story reads as a how-to on how to prepare for an event of this type.  I would probably pass this one up. 

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