Friday, September 20, 2013

True Believer by Nicholas Sparks

Genre: Romance/Fiction

Pages: Paper
Reviewer: Courtney Van Dyke
Nicholas Sparks strikes gold yet again with True Believer. This wonderful work of fiction tells the story of a blossoming, unexpected love. Scientific Journalist, Jeremy Marsh, specializes in revealing the truth behind supernatural experiences. Following a story that could surge his career to the next level, Jeremy finds himself hunting down ghosts in Boone Creek, South Carolina.
Doris, a self-proclaimed “diviner” begs Jeremy to discover the real reason for the phenomenon before it ruins the small town she calls home. Lexie, the town librarian, assists Jeremy in finding information to debunk the ghost story. During their short time together Jeremy and Lexie find their relationship, albeit hard to describe, full of passion. Lexie, who loves her small town and doesn’t want to leave it behind, also doesn’t want Jeremy, a born and raised New Yorker, to leave behind the face paced lifestyle he loves. This leaves them trying to decide between everything they have ever known, and everything they want.
The first couple chapters of the book move slow and came close to losing my attention. However by chapter three I couldn’t put it down. This old fashioned love story is full of emotions; it draws the reader further in with every page. The characters and scenery are described in such detail that the reader is able to imagine exactly what the characters are experiencing. I personally enjoyed the way Boone Creek was depicted in this story. The stereotypical small town has all the antics you would expect from a small southern town; from the local diner with the flirty waitress, to the manipulative but good hearted mayor, to the jealousy fueled sheriff’s deputy.
This would be a wonderful read for the last few weeks of summer. True Believer will leave you feeling both excitement and joy for the characters.

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