Sunday, October 16, 2011

American Subversive by David Goodwillie

American Subversive is a powerful thriller about the lines crossed between activism and anarchy. This fictional story follows two New Yorkers who lead the ideal American life and are in a head on collision with the underground movement.
Meet Aidan Cole, cynical blogger of New York’s elite, who’s is cynical postings of celebrities, new restaurants, and high rise parties is pulled into a plot of radicalism and unrest.  Without warning, a bomb explodes in downtown Manhattan and little does Aidan realize, he will become a part of more destruction to come.
In comes Paige Roderick, educated scientist suffering the loss of a brother in the service, fighting for a war she never believed in. Page is pulled into a new reality that convinces her that the only way to change the public perception is by force.
A thrill ride read, American Subversive sheds light on what we as a nation can perseve as the truth, when even our gut instinct tells us it is wrong.
Pick anywhere. Excellent

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