Sunday, October 16, 2011

In Hanuman’s Hands by Cheeni Rao

In Hanuman’s Hands is a poignant memoir of a young Indian man, Cheeni Rao, whose experience with American freedoms routed in the mark of passage of college life, leads him on the path of drugs and alcohol. A product of a devout Hindu family with lineage of privileged Brahmin priests, Rao is reduced to a homeless drug addict on the streets of Chicago, prostituting himself for his next fix and petty crime to quench his need for more drugs.
Excellent read.  Cheeni Rao’s account of self-destruction is a must for anyone who thinks that the first hit of a pipe or the snort of a line can not affect all walks of life. A cultural rich story of one man’s triumphant defeat of addiction and long road to recovery, this memoir gives the reader a new found respect for not only the strength of the human spirit, but also the beauty and complexity of Indian culture. 
The allure of the drug world and its integration with Indian culture in America’s homeland is rich and engrossing. Praise for Cheeni Rao strength and determination to defeat the destruction of addiction.

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