Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Evolution Man or How I ate my Father by Roy Lewis

The Evolution Man or How I ate my Father  by Roy Lewis is a hilarious fictional story about early man as he rises to become the dominant species on the planet. Imagine Jerry Seinfeld as your high school Science teacher explaining the evolution of man from ape.
The story is told from Earnest, an ape in the tribe of his father, who watches him evolve man by inventive experiments using fire, social displacement and early weaponry. This comedy of sorts has the reader laughing at the cause and effect of a man’s transformation from swinging from the trees to walking upright.
Laugh out loud fun, this is definitely a weekend read. Short, sweet and hilariously funny, The Evolution Man or How I ate my Father is a must read for an afternoon away from the seriousness of the world. A definite purchase where ever it can be found.

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