Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Grim Reaper End of Days by Steve Alten

New York Times best sell Steve Alten introduces us to a realistic thriller in Grim Reaper End of Days about an all too real apocalypse taking place in one of the largest cites on the planet, New York’s Manhattan. The story follows Marine Veteran Patrick Shepherd as he is quarantined from a deadly bubonic plague released by an End of Days fanatic as he returns from the war in Afghanistan.
Patrick finds himself recuperating from PTSD in a VA hospital when a deadly act of terrorism sweeps through the borough and he must decide his next move to not only save himself and his Wife and Daughter, but the President of the United States who is making his case for war at the United Nations.
Grim Reaper End of Days combines real life events, with conspiracy theories involving 9/11 and the case for war-and ancient mysticism to give a fast past ride to the end of the world by the hands of dark forces.  
Definite read while taking a flight.

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