Thursday, January 23, 2014

Clean Gut by Alejandro Junger M.D.

Pages: Hard Cover

Genre: Health 

Publisher: Harper Collins

Reviewer: Virginia Armstrong

JAGS: 10

Described in the book Clean Gut, it seems in today’s world sickness and disease look as if  it is out of control. Dr. Alejandro Junger excellently explains how a clean gut can actually cure most of today’s aliments. He came to this conclusion after several years following the standard marching orders of the current medical field mentality of sweeping the underline problem aside and focuses on curing the symptom instead of the disease.

Dr. Junger shows how the gut is the stem of all health problems. With just a change of diet, say good-bye to fatigue, blood pressure, diabetes and several other full blown illnesses. With just a minor life-style change on our consumption habits, even the medication prescribed by Doctors can be minimized or all together avoided. He also details a well thought out plan of action by eliminating foods that cause most of these types of health related issues. Dr. Junger assures us in “Clean Gut” that a change into our diet, all aspects of physical and mental health will change for the better. Over 70% of illness is preventable.

Clean Gut is a book that should be a must read for everyone. For me, Dr. Junger hit the nail on the head. All his information made absolute sense. Assessing my own diet, I realized that I could be taking better care of my health both mentally and physically. Just using his simple advice on what few foods that should be on everyone’s “no” list, the benefits seem almost instantaneous.

Everyone should read this book and take charge of their health. Individually, we are the only ones who can judge the change that takes place after minor modifications to our diets. This information is vital to all who want a better quality of life.

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