Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Special T Nine Lives-Nine Names by S. Jenny Boyer

Genre: True Story

Pages: Paperback

Reviewer: Jean Eastwood


This book, just short of 100 pages, is packed with interesting true stories of a cat named Special T who wandered into the author’s life. S Jenny Boyer (author) had lost her Maine coon cat, Jasper, three years earlier due to old age. 

The author had originally named the orange and white lovable tabby cat “Tabitha”. It was only on a visit to the veterinarian that she found out Tabitha was a “he”, not a “she”. The cat’s name then became “T”, “Mr. T”, or Special T.  “Jessie”, the author’s Lhasa Apso dog took instantly to Special T and they often shared nap time cuddling close to each other. 

One day while talking to a church-going friend, the author discovers that her cat had had several owners since her kitten days. This friend had called the cat “Sweetie Cat” and had to give her away years later to the pastor and his wife. The pastor and his wife had owned the cat for several years after that and their kids had called him “Cowboy”. Another nickname for the cat was “Reds” because of the large red freckle on the left side of his nose.

Special T had come full circle and truly had nine lives and died naturally of old age. 
I liked the way it was written, very easy to read and it does hold your interest.

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