Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Kentucky Curdled Poetry & Essay by Tamara J Madison

Genre: Poetry & Essay
Pages: Paperback

Publisher: Self Published 

Reviewer: Jean Eastwood


Kentucky Curdled is book of poetry with prose that is deep and meaningful, which the author describes in great detail in the essay portion of the her work. Each of the poems reflects on the strange death of a young community member.

The author uses a different style of poetry based on the format, rhyme scheme and subject matter, including short sentences, short phrases, and rhyme. The unusual layout in certain poems lends a thought provoking style that Tamara Madison executes perfectly.

I especially liked the “essay” at the end which describes the reason for the different type of poetry layout.
This was a quick read as well. You could finish it in a few hours but may want to revisit it again because there is a lot of meaning and hidden truths involved. Definitely a treasured purchase. 

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