Saturday, November 19, 2011

Gideon’s Sword by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

Gideon’s Sword summed up in one word; Predictable.  The story starts out by introducing Gideon Crew and the death of his father that young 12 year old Gideon witnessed. Forever haunted by that one moment, Gideon vows revenge one person that took his father and ultimately his family away from him…all that just in the first few chapters.
Gideon’s unorthodox methods are noticed by a private contracting firm working closely with Homeland Security and ask Gideon, to track down a rouge scientist who is defecting to the United States from China with plans that might tip the power for world domination. Little does Gideon know, several governments want what he has yet to uncover.
Gideon's Sword is not worth the wait. Not even worth the purchase.  Recommend purchasing from used discount bin or rescue from neighborhood book burning. Waste of time unless you are desperate and have nothing else to read.

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