Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The God of War by Marisa Silver

This is a definite recommended read. The God of War is a beautiful coming of age novel set in the late seventies as Ares Ramirez enters into his teen age years with a guilt that should not be suffered by any child. The path he takes leads him down the road of sexual identify, drugs and the straining relationship between a boy, his mentally challenged brother and a single mother who is trying her to raise her two boys into men the best way she knows how.
This story faces guilt that most children perceive responsible for, with no fault of their own, and how a child will internalize this pain and express it into anger and irresponsibility to himself, his family and to all others around them. Ares is no different and the path he takes leads him to an outcome that he himself never had expected to keep together a family, that at times felt to him ready to fall apart.
Please read. Purchase new and keep as a trophy to your library collection. The God of War is a masterpiece and should be shared with as much people as possible.

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