Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Last Patriot by Brad Thor

Brad Thor’s heroine character Scot Harvath is once again forced into a covert operation to protect the US in the latest installment in The Last Patriot. This espionage tale of intrigue has America facing its toughest opponent still to date, fundamentalist Islam, with a twist of US history and America’s third president, Thomas Jefferson. Scot Harvath must trust unlikely allies in a race to protect one of the world’s most important archeological finds that could help win the war on terrorism.
Standard Thor novel which is typical of a government conspiracy that beats the likes of Brad Meltzer, rivals the imagination and storytelling of Robert Ludlum, but stands alone in originality and storyline. An excellent thriller to read while waiting for the laundry to get done, or your delayed plane to arrive-A definite pick up new, used or borrow from a friend.  Brad Thor’s plausible thriller of real life issues leaves the reader wondering how much truth can be borrowed from the headlines before it becomes all to real.


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