Saturday, November 12, 2011

Where have all the leaders gone? By Lee Iacocca/Catherine Whitney

“Where have all the leaders gone?” should be a must read before the all citizens of the United States head to the election booth in the coming year.  A candid look at the current state of our nation from one of America’s revolutionary CEO’s of the auto industry, Lee Iacocca draws from years of experience spanning many living Presidents. Lee Iacocca touches on subjects ranging from The Patriot Act, Democracy in the Middle East and the declining manufacturing in the US.
Originally dated before the 2008 election, the points made in this book are still valid today and should be addressed in the coming 2012 GOP primary and eventually the Presidential race. Iacocca delivers a simple and interesting approach at getting America back to work and on top as the world’s leading producer.  
“Where have all the leaders gone?” reminds us the limitless potential of the American spirit and how its own greatness will help right the course for the working class to reconnect with the American Dream.  The questions Lee Iacocca purposes offer simple ways to question our leaders about the decisions they are making and if it is what is right by the American people.

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