Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Ninth Day by Jamie Freveletti

The Ninth Day is original in its story, but lags almost everywhere else.  Its meager attempt at a page turning thriller has yet again an intelligent elite scientist who is pitted against a formidable foe, namely this time the Mexican drug Cartel, in a race to stop a deadly plague that will rock the US.
Emma Caldridge, biochemist by day, and ultra-marathon runner as hobby by night, stumbles on a cargo of humans who will be transported across the Mexican/US border. She is chased into the arms of multi-million dollar drug runners who take her prisoner, so she can solve a deadly flesh-eating disease that is infecting crops of the Cartels marijuana fields. Emma is soon infected by this deadly toxin and has only nine days to figure out an antidote before her own body is ravaged by this deadly disease.
Aided by a loner MIT drop out and a private security firm with close ties to US Homeland Security, Emma is in a race against time, the Cartel and ultimately the end of her own life as she goes on a spree across the lower Southwestern States to stop what seems like the End of Days.
Original in its story, but all around boring read. Wait to pick up at local discount bookstore, or hopefully find discarded on a park bench or bus stop.

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