Monday, July 25, 2011

Agent X by Noah Boyd

The second installment of the of the Steve Vail series who was first introduce in the book The Bricklayer. Agent X opens up with the failed attempted murder of FBI Assistant Director Kate Bannon, after a Russian Embassy Spy known only as Calculus goes missing. Steve Vail, former FBI agent turned bricklayer, is once again drawn back into the Bureau-this time on the hunt of Calculus and the ring of double agents threatening to disable American Intelligence agencies.

A fast paced page turner, Noah Boyd spins a tale of espionage between the US and its former Cold War rival Russia, in a thrill ride that only Noah Boyd can conjure up. The real life fiction of the tools of the trade makes a heart thumping, white-knuckle thriller that surprises after every turn.

The character of Steve Vail is and will be the new, Jack Ryan, with a Sherlock Holmes flair.


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