Saturday, July 23, 2011

Google AdSense for Dummies by Jerri Ledford

This book is a helpful tool in using Google AdSense for your website or blog. Most of the information is easy to understand, but tends to be lengthy in parts and seems to have no bearing on the topic at hand. This resource explains the function, step up, terms and placement of your Google Ads so that can earn extra revenue with your site or blog.

More stress should be given to the legality, terms and agreements Google expects from you to use this feature. A familiar working knowledge of Google, their products and minor web design is required. This is an essential tool for first time user as well as the veteran who needs to fine tune their website. Included is a $25 gift voucher for another one of Google’s products called AdWords. This is a recommended read for everyone interested in utilizing the web to make money online.

3 ½ JAGS

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