Friday, July 1, 2011

The Reader by Bernhard Schlink

Deeply disturbing and uplifting, this story is about the power of love, betrayal and redemption set in the back drop of post WWII Germany-this story is a definite read for everyone.  Originally featured on Oprah’s book club, this tale of a young man’s seduction by an older woman is a timeless tale of compassion and ultimately betrayal by the woman he loves.
Accused, tried and convicted of crimes against humanity after Nazi occupation, Hanna, the woman who Michael Berg has fallen in love with, has forever changed the way he will value his self worth as he stumbles through life trying to understand the secrets that she had kept from him. Michael’s reluctance to move forward takes him to being a spectator at Hanna’s trial as well as historic concentration work camps as he battles internally the sadness at being left behind by the one woman he truly loves.
Beautifully written with a simple and direct way to explain the trials of love, horror and ultimately the redemption we all feel as we learn to let go to the ones who imprint upon us, what love has the potential of becoming.
4 jags

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