Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Citizen Washington by William Martin

William Martin’s perfect combination of Historical fact and fiction tells the tale of our first President George Washington and his rise to power through the eyes of the people closest to him. This is a story of Christopher Draper, a young writer with no prospects, who joins his Uncles newspaper after the death of Washington-only to be sent on a journey that will forever change him. He will have the opportunity to witness and record the rise of one man’s journey to greatness.

Williams invites you to imagine a New World where a fragile new ideal to govern its people is emerging and people fraught with sadness and uncertainty by the death of the president pushes towards a rebellion. Told through the eyes of Indians, Slaves, friends and some unlikely allies, the Iconic persona of what the man Washington has become for our National identity, is told with a more humble approach. Citizen Washington is a masterfully written story about how one’s mans rise to push the status quo and inspire a nation to commit to living up to an ideal by the same experiences that shaped him- a world where our first president was born.

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