Monday, July 11, 2011

Holes by Louis Sachar

Awarded the 1999 Newbery Medal for most distinguished contribution to American literature for children, Louis Sachar’s dark and humorous story of a Stanley Yelnats, is a perfect summer read for a pre-teen adult. The Yelnats family believes they are under an age ole curse that has plagued their family for generations. Stanley has been unjustly punished and now has to attend a detention center, Camp Green Lake, where the boys must spend all days in the summer heat building character by digging holes.

Stanley learns quickly that the hierarchy of the boys is the least of his worries. They are digging holes because the Warden of Camp Green Lake is looking for something that might spell disaster for Stanley, or might be the saving grace to help the Yelnats family finally rid them of a curse that seems all too real.

Excellent read for a young adult, as well as to be read and shared.

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