Friday, July 22, 2011

Google Blogger for Dummies by Susan Gunelius

Google Blogger for Dummies is a quick and easy guide to help navigate through the blogger site. This reference book is better left on the shelf than parting with 20 bucks to purchase new. There are helpful tips and insight to better explain some of the technical jargon, but most, if not all information, could be found free online. There is nothing noteworthy about this reference guide that cannot be learned through trial and error. The cheat sheet provided in the front cover gives all the necessary info if you are already familiar with the blogger program.

Not worth the $20 bucks purchasing new, or the $10.00 used. Readers would be better off taking a note book to your local bookstore, sit down and page through the desired sections and take notes. Even the less seasoned blogger is better off familiarizing themselves with online searches than purchasing this book. If you can get it free, great, otherwise, leave this book on the shelf.


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